Maths Resources

In this section you will find a range of different learning activities related to maths. These are broken down into sub-categories to help with the ease of navigation. During your maths session at home, simply choose one or more activities to complete.


0-10 Number Cards

1-20 Collection 

1st, 2nd and 3rd Cards

Bold and Bright Numbers

Caterpillar Counting

Counting Practice

Counting Apples

Number Road Mats

Matching Numbers

Number Match 1-10

Numbers 1-10

Numbers Cut Paste 1-10

Numbers 1-10 Say It Read It 

Caterpillar Fingerprints

Playdoh Number Mats

Addition and Subtraction

3 Digit Addition 

Addition and Subtraction

Addition and Subtraction 2

Number Line Addition

Multiplication and Division

Multiplication Array

Multiplication Monster

Multiplication Strategies


Time to the Hour Half Hour

Learning to tell time

Telling Time Activities

Time to the Nearest Five

What does the Clock say?


3D Shapes Sorting

Matching Shapes


Fraction Fun