Health and Puberty Resources

In this section you will find activities that are centred around Health and Puberty. These lessons are in a sequential folder and it is important that you teach them in order, to ensure your child builds a solid understanding. These lessons are best completed a few times before moving onto the next phase.

The video beside is from

In this short video, parents and experts talk about how children with ASD experience puberty. They note how it is good idea to talk about puberty early with your child with ASD, so your child has time to adjust to the changes. You’ll also hear from parents who share their stories and experiences of supporting children with ASD who are going through puberty. 

1. Life Stages

Growing Up Social Story

Lesson’s Guide

Lesson Flow Example

Life Stage Images

Life Stage Words

Life Stage Symbols

2. Changes During Puberty

Lesson Guide

Puberty Changes Cards

Female Body

Male Body



Puberty Changes

Social Story

Puberty Changes

Social Story

Periods Social Story

Periods Packs

3. Hygiene

Hygiene Social Story

Changing Clothes

Lesson Guide

Showering Visual

Male – Hygiene Activity

Female – Hygiene Activity

4. Public vs Private

Lesson Guide

Public & Private Places

Public & Private Behaviours

Being Naked

Social Story

Touching Myself

Social Story

Sex/Private Talk

Social Story

Male Masturbation

Social Story

Female Masturbation

Social Story

5. My Safe Helpers and Appropriate Touch

Lesson Guide

OK Helpers Social Story

Touching Social Story

Safe Circle

Consent Visuals

Private Helpers

People Visuals